Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Return

It's been several years since I last posted to this blog, and so much has happened in that time frame. I'll start from today, and fill in details of the past as needed.

In light of several recent events, I find it necessary to vent in the form of writing, so here goes...

Currently, I'm in school earning my doctorate, going through a separation, dating, raising a toddler, planning several research symposia, and chairing a social committee for students. As if all that isn't enough, I'm still trying to get involved in a few other activities.

Crazy, I know! I've found that I LOVE contributing to big projects. As part of that, I enjoy working with peers to accomplish tasks, I enjoy working with companies and institutions to host events, and I enjoy being very busy. I'm happiest when I'm doing several things simultaneously.

Anywho, let's start with school.

Earning my doctorate has been an extremely enriching experience. I've grown a lot academically, of course, but I've also evolved in several other areas of my life. I've learned to identify my wants and needs, and I've developed the capacity to distinguish the two. I've also developed the skills to communicate those desires and needs in a way that establishes my unwillingness to waver. These are invaluable skills that I desperately needed, and am glad to now have.

I've also learned to not take everything personally. This one is HUGE for me, because I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. Therefore, any small criticism would offend me and cause me to experience a deluge of emotions that I could barely control. [Sidenote: I've never been a fan of showing emotions. I'll discuss more on that in time.] Now I'm able to accept criticism, constructive or not, selectively. From there, I can decide whether, when, and how to apply the criticism.

What else have I learned from graduate school...

I've learned how to work with people at several different levels. As I've mentioned, one of the things I'm involved in, is chairing a committee of students that works with faculty and staff to develop activities that improve the camaraderie among graduate students, and provide settings for students to relax and decompress. Relaxing can be an extremely difficult task in graduate school, as there are always numerous pressures testing the existence of peace. The purpose of the committee I chair, is to organize activities in which students can clear their minds (as much as possible) and enjoy some fellowship, free food, and fun.

This is committee is one that I'm very excited to run, and I look forward to future activities we'll plan for the students. I also look forward to including it on my curriculum vitae and explain to a potential employer one day. I have had the unique opportunity to head a group of students while communicating with administration to get things accomplished. I thoroughly enjoy every aspect of this position I hold, and hope that students learn to appreciate the time and energy that's been devoted to executing these activities.

Graduate school has also helped me develop several friendships that are very dear to me. I've been very very fortunate to meet some truly incredible, bright, kind-hearted people, that I look forward to knowing throughout my lifetime. These people provide advice, kind words, shoulders to lean on, constructive criticism, and whatever else I might need.

I'm one of the weirdos who values people over money, so having met people like this in graduate school is something I wouldn't trade for anything. I truly value the amazing people in my life. Maybe in one of my next few posts, I'll tell you about the amazing people in my life.

The awesome thing about knowing dependable people who love you and would do absolutely anything for you without a second thought, is that it teaches you how to be that for other people. I feel a little sad to know that there are people who don't have that type of friend. It makes all the difference. It really does.

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