Thursday, April 30, 2015

State of the Blogger Address

Alright, I've decided to do a quick "state of the blogger" address.

1) I was selected to serve as a member of the jury for a criminal case last week. That was 3 full days, and absolutely awesome! Although I don't always feel it's "just", I actually enjoy participating when the justice system is at work. In light of this, I definitely understand the weight and importance of considering the evidence seriously and carefully, and helping to deliver a verdict that reflects my objective capacity to apply the law. I promise to tell more details of the trial later!

2) I'm in Boston this week for a conference, so I haven't been able to devote much time to writing, or much else other than packing and preparing for the conference.

3) I had family visiting last week and this week, so that took even more of my time. They've been a huge help, and I love them bunches!

4) I met a guy for frozen yogurt. Nice guy, but he's definitely not for me.

5) An ex (one that I haven't mentioned yet...) posted a tweet that I'm pretty sure was directed at me. It wasn't mean or rude. It was actually a little flattering. I'm not concerned about it though.

6) Met some super cool guys in Boston went we went out last night. One was a former research scientist, and the other was med student at Harvard. They literally had us laughing the entire time we were all together. Of course, we'll never see those two again, but they were great fun while they lasted, lol. :-)

More details of each of the points to come!! I hope everyone is having, has had, or will have (depending upon location) a fantastic day!

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His Awesome Splendor
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