Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My Unemployed Dollar

Today, I had my very first meeting with a financial adviser.

It felt a little odd to to this, because I'm merely a graduate student, and the compensation I receive is a stipend that's only intended to cover living expenses. For that reason, I've never looked into professional financial advice in the past.

One point the adviser made during our discussion today  is that there is no minimum salary for investing and making wise financial decisions. I totally agree with that point. [I know it sounds like a line they all say, but truth is truth regardless of who says it.]

Although I'm not a multi-millionaire, I agreed to meet with him for several reasons.

First, he's a high school friend whom I've known for most of my life, so I know he's a genuine, honest person. Second, I've been secretly pondering seeking professional financial advice for several months. Third, I've been pretty well at sticking to my budget, and I'd like to start making my money work for me. I've always loved this concept, and am beyond excited to finally put it to practice. Fourth, I'm at a position now, where I can only really depend on myself financially, so it's important that I have a big, fluffy cushion in case an emergency arises. Fifth, I'd like to set the proper example for my daughter. I plan to teach her how to save and use credit wisely, so it's important that I show her by example. Finally, when my life mate comes along, I want him to see that I'm financially responsible just as I expect him to be.

Despite the first reason I agreed to meet with him, I will still do my research prior to investing or buying any products. He's a former classmate and friend, but he's also an employee working to advance himself. I trust that he's open and honest, and he even provided information that shed his competitors in positive lights, but at the end of the day its my money. That means I have the most to gain, but I'm also taking all the risk.

With that said, I'll keep you updated with what I learn and how I decide to begin making my money work for me.

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