Thursday, February 26, 2009

Drum Roll Please....

Special Thanks to the following people who were contributors to my trip:

>My Brother-in-law: who was the first to donate - as a joke, lol
>Aunt L: who donated twice
>Uncle C: who was one of the first to donate
>My big Sis: who even included my niece and nephew in the giving
>My big Bro: who has agreed to provide spending $ I may need while there
>Rose: who decided to give w/out my asking her to do so
>Each of the 33 people who purchased a plate of bar-be-que from me :)))

These family members (and the remainder of my amazing family) are the reasons I thank God for the blessings in my life.

We're on this earth with other people for a reason. Remember that.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Mission Trip

I've saved/received/fund-raised all the $$ for my mission trip!! Praise GOD!!! I'm sooooo excited!! Thank you to those of you who have been praying that we meet our goals. There is still quite a bit of money to be raised by the group, so keep on praying!

If you add and subtract the figures below the pie graph near the very bottom of this blog, you'll notice a few extra dollars. Those extra dollars will go in support of students who are having trouble raising their money.

Also remember to pray for the effectiveness of our ministry while we're there. Thanks!!

-Leslie :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This Cool Breeze

I wish that I could control my thoughts and my heart's longings.
If only I could wake tomorrow morning and have no memory of this breeze.

This breeze has drifted into my life and sharpened my perspective.
It has subtly blown away some of the pollution that clouded my view, and has affected me greatly.
It has drifted from my face to my lungs to my heart and throughout my being, all in one breath.

I appreciate people more.
I understand the rarity of quality individuals better.
I see the world a little differently.
I'm more thankful for the trials that God has brought me through.
I now see that my life has not been easy, but it could have been much more difficult.
I now see that my circumstances aren't the best, but they could be much worse.

I'm more thankful than I've ever been for the wonderful people God has allowed to cross my path.

New Years' Day (around 2am) I made a list of almost 300 individuals, families, and groups that I have been immensely honored to encounter.
I truly believe that God has a purpose for this climate change in my life, and I'm grateful for it.

This breeze originated and dwelt in Casablanca for many years, then traveled to Washington state, and now resides in my "neck of the woods".

This is a breeze as rare as a purple diamond, so I'm blessed to have heard the story of its journey, seen the beauty of its mass, and felt the wonder of its coolness.

What a lovely refreshing breeze this is, but only temporary is any weather condition that ensues. I dread the day when this breeze has moved on to another part of the world, never to wist away my polluted perspective again.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I just couldn't NOT share this :)

Ok, so I'm going on a mission trip next month.
I have been living super far below my means lately to save for the trip.

Because there a few people who have donated to the cause, I felt it necessary to budget my own money very carefully.

So, my monthly expenses allow me to save quite a bit, and I figured I'd save most of the money myself. Another reason I wanted to save it myself, is that my family and friends of my family have been extremely instrumental to getting me to where I am today. Now that God has blessed me with a job, I just don't feel comfortable petitioning them for monetary support.

Anyway, upon recent reviews of my budget, I realized I won't actually be able to save ALL the money myself.

My pride (I know, I know) kept me from talking to fam that I had originally told, I didn't need their financial support.

TODAY, I saw that my sister called, texted, and left me a voicemail message.

Turns out, she wanted to transfer some $ to my account for my trip.

ALL I could do was tell God THANK YOU!!!!!!

I've been trying to think of what I would say to her, but God had everything planned out all along. I'm soooo thankful for that!!!

Oh, and Tricia (a grad student in the lab I work in) gave me a calendar. I love calendars and I haven't had a chance to buy one for 2009, so my day is soooo awesome!!

Oh oh, AND I just got an email that I don't have class tomorrow. This is good because I haven't been able to access blackboard to download the journal articles I would have a quiz on tomorrow.

Sidenote: I'm not in grad school, but I'm taking a grad-level cardiovascular pathology course just for kicks. It's very challenging, but very interesting.

God is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

His Awesome Splendor

His Awesome Splendor
Upon seeing this view, I knew I had to capture it.

My Fave...

My Fave...