Thursday, February 26, 2009

Drum Roll Please....

Special Thanks to the following people who were contributors to my trip:

>My Brother-in-law: who was the first to donate - as a joke, lol
>Aunt L: who donated twice
>Uncle C: who was one of the first to donate
>My big Sis: who even included my niece and nephew in the giving
>My big Bro: who has agreed to provide spending $ I may need while there
>Rose: who decided to give w/out my asking her to do so
>Each of the 33 people who purchased a plate of bar-be-que from me :)))

These family members (and the remainder of my amazing family) are the reasons I thank God for the blessings in my life.

We're on this earth with other people for a reason. Remember that.


1 comment:

bamamama said...

how wonderful!!! Please keep us updated and take lots of pictures and share alll the blessings you receive. Your blog liftsmy heart all the time

His Awesome Splendor

His Awesome Splendor
Upon seeing this view, I knew I had to capture it.

My Fave...

My Fave...