Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just Not Tall Enough to Reach the Goals God has Set...

Have you ever felt like you just weren’t big enough?

Have you ever considered your abilities insufficient for the task you’ve been given – like there are sooo many other people better-suited for the job?

You’re tip-toeing around the thought of whether God actually meant to choose you.

You, the young person who never did anything right, who never seemed to live up to the person(s) your parents wanted you to emulate, who never gave your WHOLE life to God before, who hasn’t truly trusted a person in years, who’s not quite sure he/she knows how to love with longevity, but who is ready to trust God like you never have before, who is ready to love God genuinely and lengthily like you never have before, and who knows it’s time to turn it all over to Him.

It’s time to turn it all over to the God who was there when you lost friends to the cunning, cold hand of death: the God who continues to reach for your WHOLE heart although you have tried up until recently to keep parts of it just beyond His reach, the God who has always provided for you, and who has been the only man to TRULY care for you and every minute thing that was remotely related to you.

What a Love that is!

You are tall enough.

God is there lifting you to reach the goals He has for you.

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His Awesome Splendor

His Awesome Splendor
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My Fave...