Thursday, December 4, 2008

Me and this heart of mine

I save text messages that touch my heart.
I save them, and I look at them occasionally, when I need a smile or when I need to be reminded that there are people who truly, selflessly care about me.
I smile to myself when I think of the small things people do just to show their humanity.
I have a sincere yearning for helping people.
I genuinely believe that one person can make a difference in another person’s life.
I’m not talking an Oprah difference, but I am thinking of an Oprah act.
What I mean there is that a minute gesture of kindness can have an immeasurable impact.
I long for love.
The love that I have to give is extraordinary and peerless.
To me, there’s no earthly love like the love I’m willing to give.
My only condition is that I receive that love in return.
For family and friends, I don’t mind if they don't equally reciprocate the love I show them, but the standard for the man with whom I’ll spend my remaining days is much higher.

On family: yes, they are my own blood, but they have their own households and their own families to maintain and show concern towards.
On friends: they have their own affairs and their own families. The only non-emotional link I have with friends is common interests, which is not exactly tantamount to genetic similarities.

It seems like the men I’ve recently encountered (I should just say man, because I’m actually only referring to my ex) want the sacrifice and the unconditional love they’re not willing to give themselves.
That’s just not for me.
I don’t want a man who accepts and embraces everything I am, without making sure I at least know and understand him in return.
That’s just not good enough.
Me and this heart of mine, we’re fragile.
We have become resilient over the years, but we just wish the emotional resilience we've developed wasn’t so necessary for survival in this world.
We patiently, but eagerly await our other half, anticipating the great victory of overcoming this insatiable yearning for compatibility.
We don’t know ourselves like God knows us, but as far as our meager understanding is concerned, we are ready for love.


bamamama said...

love your musings!!

mariposa said...

Nice blog :)

Mom Of Many said...

Just wanted to say hey and thank you for stopping by A Place Called Simplicity....

And yes, I save Text messages that touch my heart too...

Everynow and then I pull it out and read them and I smile.....

From Uganda,

His Awesome Splendor

His Awesome Splendor
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