Sunday, November 9, 2008

Reviling Friends??

It's funny how the people closest to you can say the most hurtful things.
Maybe its true that if the same words were spoken by a stranger they wouldn't have such a severe sting.
Maybe it hurts so badly because it comes from someone you supposedly trust; someone you would never intentionally hurt.
Because of the type of person you are, you would never spew verbal abuse.
You would never use hurtful words to entertain some at the expense of one.
You wouldn't even reciprocate the harsh revilement of which you are periodically victim.
You would never purpose to be the cause of someone else's pain.
Since you would never purpose to bring someone else pain and embarrassment, why do people put so much effort into bringing those things upon you?
What have you done to deserve such taunting and disdain?
that's no friend at all.

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~hon~ said...

Our friends fail, too, just like us. I believe GOD put them there for a reason and that is to make us stronger and for us to grow in character. Don't you just love growing in CHRIST?

I've had friends whom I've shown my love to but they've hurt me as painful as can be. But I surrendered them to GOD. It is very difficult but GOD will give us more friends, anyway. I believe that's why HE gave you to me. An additional friend. A new blessing in my life in exchange of those who terribly hurt us. We just need to forgive and let go.

I have an email devotional of Max Lucado. I will quote something that made an impact to me.

"Forgiveness is, at its core, choosing to see your offender with different eyes. You don’t excuse him, endorse her, or embrace them. You just route thoughts about them through heaven. You see your enemy as God’s child and revenge as God’s job."


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