Monday, August 17, 2009

Thank God it's Monday!

I woke up this morning feeling amazing.
I can't even begin to describe the peace that I felt.
I opened the blinds and let the sun warm my face, I turned on my stereo, and jammed a little, I even had some breakfast.
I never cook and eat breakfast at home before heading to work.
This morning was really just so amazing.
All credit is due to my awesome Lord.
Yesterday, between movies, I managed to get down on my knees - head to the floor - and tell God 'thank you'.
I thanked Him for all that I have, and for where He has brought me.
I was watching a sappy movie about how big a difference a great man can make in one's life.
That encouraged me to thank Him for my boyfriend.
The man that God has placed in my life is amazing.
There is no man like him, and I truly believe that God made this man JUST for me.
We haven't known each other long, but I feel like we've been best friends for a lifetime.
We have so much fun when we're together.
Anyway, I'll use another post to go on and on about my boyfriend.
This post is for voicing my gratitude for the love and grace of God.
I truly am thankful.
Because of the goodness of God and the peace that He gives,
this just might be my best Monday-morning-before-work EVER!!

I hope that you all have wonderfully blessed Mondays and wonderfully blessed weeks!!

Mwah! :)

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