Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We All Stumble at Times

I'm constantly in a hurry.

Sometimes I really need to just take my time, and be attentive to what I'm doing.

Those were my disclaimers, now, on with the story...

I work in one building, but I'm constantly going to the neighboring buildings to get specific things done.

The other day, I was in one of the neighboring buildings.

I'm moving and going, going through my list, really getting things done and checking items off my list.
I head into a specific room, and get things done. Once I finish, I collect my things and head for the door.
Now, the door has a window, so I can see from inside the room that there are people standing right outside the door.
I can also tell that the people aren't completely blocking the door, so I can still safely exit.
I open the door, and head out in quite a hurry.
Directly after crossing the threshold of the door and turning to walk down the hallway, I stumble over a mini machine.
I don't just stumble, I nearly trip and fall, and take out the expensive machine as I fall.
I felt terrible for almost destroying someone's expensive machine, but it should not have been on the floor.
If I had fallen and gotten seriously injured, it would have totally been their fault.
Anyway, I thought it was hilarious that I was in such a rush that I almost fell and seriously injured myself and simultaneously taking out an expensive piece of research machinery.
That's that.
Have a wonderful time!!

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