Saturday, July 25, 2009

Missing You

I was walking earlier, and I thought about calling to talk with you.
A smile softened my face at the thought of speaking to you.
Then I remembered...
You're not at the house sitting in "your chair" watching every version of the news broadcasted.
You're not in the garden watering your plants.
You're not at Smitty's getting a can of snuff, a pack of nabs, and a coke.

I know that it's been months upon months since you've been able to do those things, but obviously my mind took me to the before.
My mind took a journey to the "good ole days" when you were still laughing.

You always told me exactly what was on your mind, and you always gave me such great advice.
I cherish your advice.
I'll never forget those conversations we had about how well 'he' took care of you.

But now, you're unreachable.
You're in a place where phone calls, tight hugs, and big kisses can't reach you.
That somewhat saddens my heart, because I know that you loved those things. I know that you're fine now.
I know that where you are at this very moment, you are just fine.

I love you always always.

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