Friday, April 3, 2009

OH, what a day!!

Today has been such a marvelous day for me. Just listen to the events that have occurred...

1. I've been craving a salad, but since I don't currently own a vehicle, trips to the grocery store are limited and buying them at lunch is costly. Today I had lunch in the cafeteria with some very lovely young ladies, and I ended up getting a salad and not having to pay for it. Thank God!!

2. I made a cake last night and was able to share some slices with the Human Resources (HR) department in my building. They were so surprised and so thankful to be getting cake. One lady ended up asking for the recipe and for pointers, because she was planning on making it this weekend.

3. After blessing several people with cake, they told me that I could get some free pizza that was left over from a staff meeting [and boy, do I LOVE free food :)].

4. I finally received correspondence from the Supervisor at an antibody supplier for our research lab, regarding a problem with an order I placed 3 months ago. I've been calling for months, but today they actually returned my phone call. To my surprise, the Supervisor was very soft-spoken and timid. I think the 3-month time span was to prepare me for speaking with this person in a kind, soft voice.

5. I went to the library and found the exact book that I need to study for taking the GRE in the upcoming months.

6. People have been holding doors for me, saying 'excuse me', and saying 'thank you' all day! The kindness and gratitude I've experienced today has been so refreshing!

7. I asked someone down in HR this morning, "How are you doing?" and he replied "Wonderful!" That blessed me too. I really appreciated his optimism and positive spirit. He said "When I wake up, I tell myself 'Today is going to be a great day!' " That was quite the encouragement for me.

There are probably more awesome things that have happened to me in the past 24 hours, but those are all I could think of right now. Be blessed - to be a blessing, of course!! : )

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