Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Dear Spork

The other day, my cousin and I were at KFC. We were on our way to some destination for some reason. Anyway, we drove around to the window to get our food. Once I received my food, I checked the bag to see that they got my order correct (although fast food places neeeever mix up orders, lol). Upon digging through the bag, I found a spork - an amazing cross between a spoon and a fork. I have such a fascination for the innovated eating utensil, that I had to ask the Colonel Sanders employee for another.

My cousin was tickled to see my excitement over something so trivial, but I didn't care.

A couple days later, my brother and I fairly long trip, and we stopped at Bo-jangles for food. I ordered a 2-piece meal with cajun beans and dirty rice, and he ordered a sandwich. Once we returned to the vehicle and got back onto the highway, I opened my box to eat, only to realize that I had forgotten to get plasticware.

The Lord reminded me, "Your spork!"

All I could do was thank God!! It was small and seemingly insignificant, but very profound. God knew when I was at KFC several days prior, that I would forget to get eating utensils when I went to Bo-jangles. This served as a reminder, that trusting God with my future is the best thing to do. He knows what will happen years from now (and also makes provision), when the most I can do is speculate as to what I 'think' may possibly occur (redundant, I know, but I want to drive the point home, lol).

This is my reminder, anytime I feel the need to take the wheel, that God is a much better driver than am I. :)


~hon~ said... kept the spork that you asked from the Colonel Sanders?

That's quite interesting because we use spoon and fork here and there are sporks in fastfood, as well. So do you have like a rice meal of some sort from KFC?

Now I'm asking about the food. hahaha! I LOVE the insight! Very simple but profound. Thank GOD for the wisdom and insight given to you! GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY, my dear friend! I'm glad you made a new post. I was wondering when you're gonna make a new one. hehehe!

Leslie said...

I had mashed potatoes from KFC. :)

Yeah, I've had a post drought. My days have been pretty busy lately, but it's good to be back. Lol.


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