Friday, May 15, 2009

Just for Me

I believe God made the sky just for us.

I believe he made it a soft hue of ice blue in the morning
and radiant shades of orange, red, and purple in the evening just for us.

I believe that God painted these awesome masterpieces for his creation to enjoy and appreciate.

I believe He painted the sky to remind us that His presence is everywhere, that He cares - even about the smallest details - and to make us open our eyes to the beauty that surrounds us.

Yesterday I was completely exhausted. As I was out running errands, I was able to take a few seconds to look up at the sky. This glance birthed a conversation with God, and made me completely forget how tired I was.

Turns out, we had quite a bit to talk about as there are quite a few things going on in my life right now about which I NEED His direction.

It just felt so incomparably amazing to just express to Him the splendor of His creation, and pour out my heart to Him.

I believe that God caused me to look up at the clouds as a way of reminding me that we needed to talk.

I believe that the specific area of sky that froze my thoughts and arrested my undivided attention, was painted just for me.


Terri said...

Amen! On Thursday, I ended up at one of my favorite parks because I was completely exhausted and overwhelmed in that moment. When I arrived at the park, I couldn't help but look up toward heaven. I was captivated by the trees and how they help their foundation, their stance, their ground as the wind blew by them. In all that was happening around me, I was reminded to stand. That was a "park moment" just for me. GREAT POST! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, so super true! I was thinking just a little bit ago because the sky is just so beautiful and reflects who He is and it's such a simple but profound blessing! Good post!! God bless~

His Awesome Splendor

His Awesome Splendor
Upon seeing this view, I knew I had to capture it.

My Fave...

My Fave...